Fortune Five Card Blind Bag

The Lavender Whim

$ 6.00 $ 22.50
Fortune Five Card Blind Bag

This little sack contains five surprises!  Sometimes as Jill-Ann redesigns older cards, discontinues product, or we find cards with very slight imperfections during packaging, we end up with a nice sized stash of discounted wares. All of these cards are something that any of us here at The Lavender Whim would be happy to use ourselves.  This is a fun way to get five The Lavender Whim cards for a deeply discounted price!  No holiday cards (Mother's Day/Father's Day, Christmas, etc.) will be included in your selection, only "everyday" occasions like birthday and congratulations.  The cards are completely random and fortune five bags are packaged and sealed ahead of time so we regret that we are unable to take special requests.  

Contents: five single cards

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